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ChamChron Character Profiles–Sierra Goody

Sierra Goody

Character Name: Sierra Goody

Species: Zardok

Physical Characteristics

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5′ 11”

Weight: 138 lbs

Age: 106


Hometown: Unkown–But is currently living on Earth

Work/School: Mel’s Diner

Position/Grade level: Waitress

Sport/Hobbies: Flying / Hunting / Collecting Jewelry

Powers/Abilities:  Breathe Fire

What’s your Favorite?

Color: Blue

Food: Raw Meat

Song:  I’m Blue – Eiffel 65

Movie: Eragon (But loved the books better)

Television Show: Survivor

Sierra Goody is a Zardok that has the ability to morph into a human. This is not a natural ability for the Zardok, but a genetic manipulation. During the Brahanni-Zardok war, the Zardok Warlord Narlith paid a Brahanni scientist to manipulate several of his dragon warriors so they could be disguised as humans. This allowed the Warlord to spy on his Brahanni enemies by infiltrating their homes and businesses with Zardok spies disguised as human slaves. Narlith grew his spy network large enough where there was thousands of Zarkok that could tranform into humans.

After the war was over, the Zardok treated these warriors that could turn into humans as abominations. Because the ability was genetically passed to descendants, the Zardok refused to mate with these warriors they called Terdok (Terran/Zardok). Finally, Zardok assassins were dispatched to rid the universe of these abominations.

Eleanor Goody, Sierra’s mother, fled to Earth to hide from her mate Warlord Tuclaw, when he discovered she was a Terdok. Eleanor befriended Tames and Crystal Mallard during her time on Earth. Her daughter Sierra lives on an old farm and rents out the land to neighboring farmers. Sierra keeps a low profile but does work as a waitress at a local diner. She is also a very avid jewelry collector.

Chameleon Chronicles, News

ChamChron Character Profiles–Ursula the Eradicator


Character Name: Ursula

Species: Eradicator

Physical Characteristics

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Height: 6′ 5”

Weight: 190 lbs

Age: Unknown


Hometown: Mount Czargon–Jim Jones Brawn’s Castle

Work/School: Agent of Brawn

Position/Grade level: Assassin

Sport/Hobbies: Hunting

Powers/Abilities:  Assassin / ShapeShifter

What’s your Favorite?

Color: Red

Food: Raw Meat

Song:  N/A

Movie: N/A

Television Show: N/A


Created in the laboratories of Jim Jones Brawn’s castle, the Eradicators are a breed of dangerous DNA manipulation. These deadly creatures were grown for one thing only-to kill. Ursula, as leader of the deadly assassins, ensures that every assassination is carried to the specifications of Jim Jones Brawn.

Designed by the renegade Brahanni scientist, Chaim Vanzant, the Eradicators have an arsenal of deadly biological weapons. The shapeshifting abilities of the Eradicators gives it a deadly edge over their prey. In their natural state, the Eradicator’s skin is a midnight black similar to that of a Stallion. Its head is the shape of a cobra with a mane of jet-black hair flowing down its neck. Its black sinister eyes stare with glowing red pupils.

Huge Gorilla like arms give the Eradicator great strength. Its swift powerful horse-like legs give it a speed advantage over most beings. Eagle-like wings sprout from the back of its human torso to give the Eradicator the ability of flight. Finally, a razor sharp scorpion-like tail filled with deadly poison completes its biological armory.

Chameleon Chronicles, News

ChamChron Character Profiles–Amy Fishman

Amy Fishman

Character Name: Amy Fishman

Nickname: Ames (But if you call her that, get ready for an ass-kicking!)

Physical Characteristics

Hair: Dirty-Blond

Eyes: Green

Height: 5′ 8”

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: 15


Hometown: Calumet Bay

Work/School: Calumet Bay High School

Position/Grade level: Sophmore

Sport/Hobbies: Taekwondo, Cheerleading, Fashion

Powers/Abilities: Second Degree Black Belt

What’s your Favorite?

Color: Purple

Food: Salad w/meat (steak is her favorite)

Song:  Come & Get It — Selena Gomez

Movie: The Hunger Games

Television Show: Survivor

Amy is a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school. Her parents are separated and their competition for her affection has left her quite well off. She is the “fashion princess” of the mall. Though she has many friends, Amy usually hangs out with Jodi, Melody, and the rest of the group. She may argue with Andrew all the time and pretend to find him irritating and immature, she has a respect for his heroic personality.

Amy holds a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. She is headstrong and sarcastic. The young teenage girl doesn’t take bull from anyone. She’s one tough cookie.

Chameleon Chronicles, News

ChamChron Character Profiles–Jim Jones Brawn


Character Name: Jim Jones Brawn

Nickname: None

Physical Characteristics

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Height: 6′ 5”

Weight: 205 lbs

Age: 173


Hometown: Calumet Bay, Earth–Now resides at his castle on Mount Czargon on the Planet Iz

Work/School: Emperor-Wizard of the Planet Iz

Position/Grade level: N/A

Sport/Hobbies: Loves to watch the Gladiator Battles of Mount Czargon

Powers/Abilities: Has the ability to telepathically enter a person’s mind and search through their memories.  He has to be able to physically touch that person.  If the person is an Izmite, he can replicate their magical ability.

What’s your Favorite?

Color: Black

Food: Zardok Steak (Dragon Steak)

Song:  Imperial March composed by John Williams

Movie: Revenge of the Sith

Television Show: Earth News

Jim Jones Brawn has ruled the Planet Iz with iron fist for over a hundred years.  The most powerful man in the galaxy, he has sights set on galactic domination.  The first stop on his journey is the planet Earth.  Before he takes his homeworld, he must find his father’s Time Emerald that is somewhere hidden on Planet Earth.

Once Jim Jones Brawn discovered that Jodi Webbur had magical powers, he knew his original plan to have them removed when they were babies had failed.  Sending his agents to Earth, Brawn’s team rushed to find the hidden Time Emerald before Andrew Webbur and to destroy The Chameleon and the prophesy once an for all.