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ChamChron Character Profiles–Horseradish

HorseradishCharacter Name: Samuel Johnson

Nickname: Horseradish

Physical Characteristics

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 6′ 3”

Weight: 250 lbs

Age: 15


Hometown: Calumet Bay

Work/School: Student at Calumet Bay High School

Position/Grade level: Sophomore

Sport/Hobbies: Football, Eating, Video Games

Powers/Abilities:  No powers, but can bench press 200 lbs and likes to dress up in costumes

What’s your Favorite?

Color: Yellow

Food: Pizza

Song:  We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions

Movie: The Blindside

Television Show: Friday Night Lights


Samuel Johnson is known to the students and faculty at Calumet Bay High as Horseradish. He was dubbed this nickname when he knocked a display of horseradish sauce on himself by grabbing the jar at the bottom. The big football player is mostly misunderstood by his fellow students.  Most consider him to be a moron. That doesn’t stop him from chasing after the girl of his dreams, Amy Fishman.

One of Horseradish’s most enduring qualities is his loyalty to his friends. He will stick by his friends until the bitter end, though sometimes he takes things a little to far. Horseradish has the tendency to be annoying, has some peculiar habits, and has an obsession with dressing up in weird costumes.


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