Illustrated by Marcelo Merola–Colors of Fate Chapter 01

“Webbur! I thought I told you to stay away from my
girlfriend!” Jason Vanzant stormed down the hallway, toward Andrew’s locker.
“And I thought I told you to start using breath mints,”
Andrew smiled, waving his hand in front of his nose.
“Don’t get smart with me,” Jason warned.
“I was just helping her with homework, Vanzant.” Andrew Floyd Webbur tossed his algebra book into his locker. “We’re in the same algebra class.”
“I warned you to stay away from her,” Jason repeated,
pointing his finger in Andrew’s face.
“You afraid I’m going to steal her away with my good
looks?” Andrew replied. “Of course, you make Medusa look like an angel, puke face.”
Jason, grabbing Andrew by the collar of his shirt, pushed
the younger boy against the locker. The upperclassman’s nose flared red. He was slightly taller than Andrew, with short, light brown hair. Not only was the older boy a popular school jock, he was also the school bully and used to getting his way.
“I’ve had enough of your mouth, boy. If you don’t stay
away from Angela, you’ll be eating your next meal through a straw.  That’s a promise!” Jason shoved his face dangerously close to Andrew’s.

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