Sisters of the Thorn

sisters-of-the-thorn-sidebar The Chameleon Chronicles Continue!

Andrew Webbur and his friends must serve their Saturday detention the day after the big homecoming dance. Intent on finding Brian’s parents, Andrew and Brian must sneak out of school without Mr. Spieker discovering their absence.  The Chameleon discovers more than he bargained for when he finds a hidden island full of powerful Izmite terrorists.  Jodi Webbur’s powers began failing, when reality begins crumbling around her and she can’t decipher if she is living in the past, present, or future.  Jim Jones Brawn unleashes the second phase of his plan to destroy Andrew by releasing his newest weapon against the Chameleon.  Striking from the shadows, this new menace seems intent on destroying Andrew and his friends. Who is this new threat that frightens even Landru Brawn?

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